Real Madrid and Gareth Bale: A Divorce closer than ever

The story going to end by itself, and the long awaited divorce of Real Madrid and Gareth Bale is much closer than ever.

Zinedine Zidane announced last night that his club would be much happier to see Gareth Bale leaving this season and was not in the list of Los Blancos squad against Borussia Dortmund last nigh.

Zidane deliberately tells in the media in the United States last nigh that it would be great if Gareth Bale leaves tomorrow.

“I left Gareth Bale out because we are trying to sell him. It is not a personal reasons but I have to make decisions.” Zidane told after his team lost 3-0.

The Los Blancos is not only going to sell Bale to make money from him, but he is an obstacle in his team as he says: “If he can go tomorrow, it  would be better and the player knows the situation.”

On the other hand, Gareth Bale’s agent hits back at Zidane and mentioned him as a disgrace.

“Zidane is a disgrace and has no respect for a player that has done so much for the club.” Jonathan Barnett told AFP.

After this grievances showing that both sides are divorcing each other in a bad way as part ways closer than ever.


  1. Yes Bale never impressed Zidale at last game he played ,they lost 3-0 becouse he touched the ball in his hand & he scored but doesn;t mean to disrespect him ,the way coach did to him,we understand the fastrections he going through since Ronaldo left becouse the team is not doing well.Zdale please respect your players & incouradge them to improve more in futare.

  2. Yes Bale never impressesd Zidane at the last game he played they lost 3-0 ,becouse he played the ball in his hand ,his first touch & he scored ,but doesn’t mean disrespect him ,the way coach did,we understand the fastrections he going through right now ,since Ronaldo left the team becouse the team is not giving the good results,but as legend he should incouradge him ,infutare Zidane please give your players the respect whether they play good or not ,You being there as player too you, also made those mistakes ,just go back to your videos & viewed them & tell me whether you’re happy with them all!,lastly to every coach please take this as lessons in football as whole.

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